Warranty Inspections 

 Warranty Inspections 

Comprehensive Warranty Inspections for Flat Roofs 

Maintain your flat roof's durability and ensure its warranty's longevity with Cookson's Consultancy's professional Warranty Inspection services. Adhering to the guidelines of BS6229:2018, the benchmark for flat roof care, we emphasize the critical importance of regular inspections to uphold your roof's condition and guarantee. 

Why Regular Inspections Are Vital 

Biannual Checks: As recommended by BS6229:2018, inspecting your flat roof each spring and autumn is essential for clearing debris and addressing any weather-related damages, ensuring the roof's optimal functioning and free drainage system. Annual Documentation: Beyond seasonal inspections, most waterproofing manufacturers necessitate at least one documented inspection per year as part of their warranty agreement. Neglecting this could jeopardise your warranty, leaving your roof unprotected. 

Our Warranty Inspection Services Include: 

O&M Manual Review: 

We examine your Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual to confirm compliance with all warranty requirements, safeguarding your guarantee. 

Professional Liaison 

Where necessary, we facilitate communication with the roof manufacturer and/or the installation contractors to address any issues promptly and efficiently. 

Guarantee Compliance Check: 

Our experts meticulously review the warranty's fine print and the roof's specifications, ensuring our inspection aligns perfectly with the manufacturer's terms and conditions. 

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling: 

Benefit from our Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules, which include coordinating with trusted contractors for essential upkeep tasks like clearing roof outlets and removing debris. 

In-Depth Roof Inspection: 

We comprehensively assess your roof and identify any potential concerns. For complete transparency, our findings are detailed in a written report supported by photographic and video evidence. 

Annual Inspection Reminders 

With our convenient reminder service, you will never miss an inspection date, ensuring your roof remains in top condition year after year. 
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