Drawings & Calculations 

 Drawings & Calculations 

Comprehensive Drawings and Calculations for Superior Roofing Solutions 

At Cookson's Consultancy, we understand that the success of any roofing project lies in the details. That's why we offer a specialised suite of drawings and calculations, ensuring every aspect of your roofing specification is meticulously planned and executed. Our services are designed to provide clarity, compliance, and confidence from the initial design phase through to completion. 

Our Expert Services Include: 

Detail Drawings: 

Precision is key in roofing, and our detail drawings illustrate exactly how the specified waterproofing system integrates with your roof's unique aspects. These drawings ensure a seamless fit and optimal performance, addressing any potential challenges upfront. 

Condensation Risk Analysis: 

Moisture within the roofing system can lead to deterioration and damage. Our condensation risk analyses identify potential issues before they arise, enabling us to recommend solutions that mitigate risk and protect your investment. 

Tapered Insulation Layouts: 

Standing water can compromise roof integrity. Our tapered insulation solutions, supported by detailed setting-out drawings, promote effective water drainage, extending your roofing system's lifespan. 

Wind Uplift Calculations: 

In high wind areas, the stability of your roofing system is paramount. Our wind uplift calculations ensure that the specified system will withstand the elements, keeping your roof securely in place. 

U-Value Calculations: 

Thermal efficiency is not just about comfort but compliance and savings. We provide U-Value calculations for existing roofs and upgrades, demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations and enhancing energy efficiency. 

Drainage Calculations: 

Proper drainage prevents water accumulation and related issues. When identifying potential drainage concerns, we perform comprehensive calculations to recommend improvements, ensuring efficient water management. 

Why Trust Cookson's Consultancy for Your Roofing Project? 

Our commitment to precision, backed by decades of expertise, positions us as a leader in roofing consultancy. Each drawing and calculation we provide is crafted to offer clear, actionable insights that guide your project to success, ensuring durability, compliance, and performance. By choosing Cookson's Consultancy, you're not just selecting a service; you're partnering with a team dedicated to achieving the highest standards in roofing excellence. 

Elevate Your Roofing Project Today 

Contact Cookson's Consultancy to discover how our detailed drawings and calculations can bring unmatched value to your roofing project. Let us help you navigate the complexities of roofing design and compliance with confidence and expertise. 
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