Moisture Mapping 

 Moisture Mapping 

Moisture Mapping: Precision-Driven Roof Health Assessment 

Our moisture mapping survey is a cutting-edge solution designed to accurately assess moisture levels within your roof's structure, ensuring targeted and efficient maintenance. Utilising advanced technology, this survey method quickly identifies problem areas, facilitating smarter, cost-effective roof repair and maintenance decisions. Here’s how our process brings unparalleled accuracy to roof diagnostics: 

Advanced Diagnostic Process: 

Innovative Technology: Our equipment accurately gauges moisture levels at various points by emitting a signal to the roof deck and measuring the signal's return speed. This precision allows for a comprehensive understanding of the roof's condition. 
Strategic Planning: We begin with a detailed plan of your roof, overlaying a grid to assess each area systematically. This methodical approach ensures no part of your roof is overlooked. 
Visual Representation: Each grid point's moisture reading is meticulously plotted, culminating in a detailed visual map of moisture distribution. This visual tool is essential for identifying areas of concern and planning effective interventions. 

Outcome-Driven Insights: 

Targeted Interventions: The moisture map guides us in determining which roof sections require specific actions, such as stripping, venting, or vacuuming, tailored to meet your unique needs. 
Cost-Efficient Solutions: By accurately pinpointing dry areas that can be preserved, we offer solutions that save on costs and minimise the need for extensive insulation thickness, potentially avoiding alterations to existing details. 
Preservation and Upgrade: Moisture mapping's detailed insights enable us to identify opportunities for thermal upgrades or new waterproofing overlays in structurally sound areas, enhancing your roof's performance while keeping interventions minimally invasive. 

Choose Smart, Save Smart 

Opt for our moisture mapping service to better understand your roof's condition. This technology-driven approach not only helps you make informed decisions about repairs and upgrades but also significantly reduces unnecessary costs by focusing efforts only where they are needed. Let Cookson's Consultancy help you extend the life of your roof with our expert moisture-mapping services. 
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