Full Roof Condition Survey 

 Full Roof Condition Survey 

At Cookson's Consultancy, our meticulous roof condition surveys are designed to leave no stone unturned. 

Our expert team identifies the core issues affecting your roof, ensuring a robust foundation for effective solutions. Here's how our detailed process sets us apart: 

Thorough Examination for Unmatched Accuracy: 

Visual Inspections: We conduct an exhaustive visual examination of all roof areas, ensuring every aspect is scrutinised for potential issues. 
Core Sample Analysis: Our specialists take numerous core samples to evaluate the current condition, composition, and type of your roof's waterproofing system. This critical step helps us understand the intricacies of your roof, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. 
Insulation Evaluation: We measure the thickness of any existing insulation. This information is integrated into our U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis, contributing to a sustainable approach. 

Advanced Diagnostic Techniques 

Waterproofing Inspection: We meticulously inspect the existing waterproofing for defects, ranging from gas or water blisters and lap delamination in single-ply or felt systems to insufficient film thickness in liquid applications. 
Drainage Efficiency: We assess the roof's falls by measuring ponding water areas and inspecting drainage outlets to ensure optimal performance. 
Detailing Perfection: Every critical element, including upstand heights, rooflights, and mechanical or electrical installations, undergoes a rigorous check to guarantee no detail is overlooked. 

Cookson’s Consultancy Why Choose Cookson's Consultancy? 

With decades of experience, our clients trust us to deliver accurate, insightful reports that pinpoint the exact cause of roofing issues. Our dedication to precision and quality means that when you choose Cookson's Consultancy, you're not just getting a survey; you're gaining peace of mind and a partner committed to the longevity and safety of your roof. 
Contact us today to schedule your detailed roof condition survey and ensure your roofing system is in expert hands. 
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