Drone Surveys 

 Drone Surveys 

Maximising Roof Survey Accuracy with Advanced Drone Technology 

In the evolving landscape of roof inspections, drone surveys have emerged as an indispensable tool. They offer a blend of safety, efficiency, and comprehensive coverage that traditional methods can't match. At Cookson's Consultancy, we leverage drone technology to conduct detailed surveys across various roofing types, ensuring our clients receive precise, actionable insights. 

Why Drone Surveys Stand Out: 

Unmatched Accessibility: Drones effortlessly navigate difficult-to-reach areas, from pitched metal and asbestos roofs to slated and tiled structures, providing a thorough overview without needing direct contact. 
Safety First: By eliminating the need for physical roof access and reducing reliance on access equipment, drones significantly lower the risk of accidents, making them a preferred choice for surveyors and property owners. 
Cost-Effective Solutions: Reducing the necessity for cherry pickers and scaffolding, drone surveys are a cost-efficient option, delivering high-quality imagery and data without the extensive setup of traditional methods. 

Tailored Survey Strategies for Comprehensive Insights: 

While drones offer exceptional surface-level details, their capability to assess the structural integrity beneath the surface varies with the roof type: 
Pitched Roofs with Tiles or Slates: Drone imagery effectively supports the creation of detailed reports and work schedules, often without the need for further inspection. 
Pitched Metal and Flat Roofs: We recommend using drone surveys to identify potential issues and examine them closer. Surface images may not reveal the condition of underlying materials, the extent of corrosion, or installation quality. 

Expert Guidance for Informed Decisions: 

At Cookson's Consultancy, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to roof surveying. While drones are powerful, we advocate for their use as part of a broader survey strategy, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our commitment to uncovering the root cause of roofing issues and our impartial advice sets us apart. 
Beware of inexperienced drone operators with limited roofing knowledge. Trust in our decades of industry experience to guide you toward the most effective surveying techniques for your specific needs. 
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